the heart of your appliance

Copreci is right there inside, where it cannot be seen but is always felt, making everything work in perfect harmony.

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  • 300 million homes around the world are equipped with Copreci components

    250 thousand appliances are equipped with components manufactured at Copreci every day

  • 380 million household appliances have the Copreci brand at their heart

    Since 1963, Copreci has been developing components for household appliances that improve their performance and provide the end user with greater ease of use and safety.

    Because we are right there, at the core of the appliance, providing intangible added value that goes straight to the heart of the user.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Copreci is a Cooperative Company belonging to the Mondragon Group a group of cooperative companies committed to values that give rise to a series of commitments with their workers, partners, customers and society, based on the basic cooperative principles and its management model.

Copreci declares its commitments related to Quality, Environment, Occupational Safety and Health and Social Responsibility in its Integrated Management System policy and has certifications as ISO 45001 in Occupational Safety and Health,  ISO14001 Environment and ISO9001 in Quality.

Copreci has a Code of Conduct to act in an ethical and responsible manner in all its productive plants.

Code of conduct (pdf)

  • We reach the whole world from seven countries, adapting to each market while sharing one management system and technological know-how.

    We have international vision in terms of both clients and suppliers, processing purchases in those countries where our company is established.

    Since 1963: guaranteed company, guaranteed future.

  • A Copreci worker can be found seated on an aeroplane headed to some corner of the world every day.

Copreci controls the elements

GAS, with control systems used in gas appliances (cookers, ovens, grills, heaters, etc.); WATER, with efficient water management systems (washing machines and dishwashers, etc.); AIR, controlling its quality to guarantee the safety of gas heaters, etc.

  • More than

  • Advanced solutions that anticipate our clients' needs

    Copreci is a company of the future that believes in "innovating for you", meaning we innovate so that our clients can innovate in turn.

    At Copreci we believe in innovation and actively manage it as part of a process, from strategy definition to project execution, developing components that incorporate new functions, provide the end appliance with greater ease of use and achieve, via new technology, lower manufacturing costs and a rational use and consumption of energy.

High technological capacity

Making a component is not difficult. What is difficult is making millions of components well and with total reliability.

The technical capacity to make our clients' expectations reality

We develop our own processes, are experts in Lean Manufacturing and have the technological capacity to produce large series.

To achieve this, we have tripled our capacity, simplifying projects and eliminating processes, waiting times, overproduction, inventories, and unnecessary transport that provides no added value. We have the necessary advanced processes and industrialisation capacity.

Support from the Corporation, university and development centres

We have a team of professionals trained at our training centres and at the group's university, Mondragon Unibersitatea.

  • 30% of gas cooker components manufactured around the world are Copreci.

    1000 million gas control components manufactured.

  • We work closely with the University of Mondragon

    We actively collaborate with the University of the Corporation, -Mondragon Unibersitatea-, and theis research teams.

Commitment to people

We have long-lasting company-employee relationships.

  • A different company, focused on people

    We are a cooperative formed by people committed to the client and the market. As a cooperative, we trust and believe in people. We are approachable, like to listen and are open to change.

  • 38 years is the average time an employee works at Copreci