Since 1963 manufacturing components for professional cooking

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  • Experts in components for hotel and catering equipment

    Since we began in 1963, Copreci has launched more than 50 different products for the catering sector, from valves for different types of professional gas appliances to grills, fryers, cookers, ovens, barbecues, etc. and electronically controlled gas systems, each customised for a particular client.

Fast and flexible component design

Our innovation department knows how to quickly adapt to the professional cooking needs of each market, developing specific solutions to the different cooking methods used around the world.

We aim to optimise the functionality of the end appliance

We work closely with our clients to achieve efficiency and ease of use. This results in innovations such as lighted knobs that control the gas while providing the cooking professional with information, or shut-off gas valves that are extremely useful in emergencies.


  • Complete trust

    Our engineers are always searching for ways to develop safer and more reliable components. As a result, all our products comply with the latest international standards and are manufactured in accordance with the following European regulations: EN-125, EN-126, EN-161.


  • Sustainability

    We help our clients to comply with the new energy efficiency standards and therefore to consume less resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


A wide range of components for different types of appliance

Thanks to our history, we can offer the market the most advanced professional range of components for gas cookers.


We work closely with Mondragon University

Based in an environment where R&D is a top priority, with several Innovation Parks in the area, we employ professionals qualified at different training centres and Mondragón University (MU).