We have been supplying components for gas barbecues since 1963

Copreci, the leading company in the development and manufacture of components and solutions for barbecue manufacturers and for outdoor equipment, such as outdoor fireplaces, patio heaters, caravans, etc.

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We reach the whole world

Thanks to our international presence, we are the only manufacturer with production plants in China, North America and Europe that can meet the needs of our clients in their actual location.

We believe in innovation

  • We are constantly updating our product range. We are the only manufacturer in the world in the outdoor sector that combines traditional gas valve solutions with electronic controls, opening up a world of possibilities for our clients.

    Imagine appliances such as a barbecue with a remote control, lighted knobs that show whether a flame is lit in the burner and systems that guarantee safe use for the whole family (child lock, shut off valve, etc.).

  • Our knobs use a clicking system; we believe that the gas appliances manufactured by our clients are extremely reliable, so we supply components that regulate flow with total precision. Touch & Feel.

    Dual system: one system for both NG and LPG gases, without the need to have a different reference for each. Converting one gas into the other is very straightforward and completely safe with the Copreci system conversion kit.

  • Protecting the industrial property of our clients

    We protect our industrial property and that of our clients with patents across all markets: American, European and Asian.

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Because the best manufacturers trust in Copreci

Trust is a value that is earned over time. We are backed up by 50 years of supplying the most important barbecue manufacturers in the world.

Copreci is part of gas barbecue history. When the first wood barbecue manufacturers made the leap to gas, they

already relied on Copreci.

For this reason, quality is our signature and innovation our constant commitment.

Our products are certified in UL, CSA, AGA, NOM and CE.

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  • Other sectors

    The speed and flexibility of our designs make us the safe option for manufacturers in sectors as diverse as:

    1. RV recreation vehicles
      Small cookers and ovens for caravans.
    2. Marine / yachting
      Equipment for boats.
    3. Heating for large retail stores
      Space heaters.
    4. Agriculture
      Greenhouse heaters, etc.
    5. Livestock heating
      Poultry, pork.