GF10, the ultimate induction system.

Cooking has never been so easy.

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Experts in induction since 1991

We are one of the leading independent manufacturers of induction generators in Europe.

Since then we have launched ten generations of products in the market, each more efficient and reliable than the last. We have developed new features with the end user's ease of use and safety in mind, including new, more intuitive controls.

We have not only focused on product functionality, but also on cost and a more flexible and ecological design.

Thanks to this track record, we offer the market one of the most advanced and reliable induction products available that perfectly adapts to the needs and expectations of your clients.

3 different platforms

Competitive and flexible

Cost and performance optimized solution. Based on eco-design and with a wide range of variants for different markets.

Evolution to mid-range, with more performance and power.

Power, performance and connectivity integrated in our new high-end platform.

GF10, the versatile, powerful and scalable solution

The GF10 induction generation offers high power and great versatility. Its dimensions range from 30 (NEW!), 60, 80 to 90 cm wide, with configurations of 2, 3, 4 and 5 cooking zones. In addition, it has 5 different types of interfaces:

  • An extra-long slider touch control.
  • DUOLISDE control NEW!
  • SIXNOB control for rotary knobs NEW!
  • A "pop up" control with new variants of 2 zones, 5 zones, Flow In, Hob to Hood NEW!
  • A TFT display.

All this with a very reduced height to facilitate mounting and optimize space.

The GF10 generation is ready to connect to external devices, the cloud or applications with WIFI or Bluetooth connections.

GF10 also offers automatic pot detection function, as well as different intelligent safety and cooking functions. A versatile platform

Maximum and minimum power per heater

From ultra-fast heaters for record boiling, to constant minimum power for simmering or keep-warm functions


The GF10 platform is ready to connect to external devices, the cloud or applications with WIFI or Bluetooth connections.

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