Experts in induction solutions

50 years developing and manufacturing components for gas cooking and 20 years since our first induction generator.


Experts in induction since 1991

The 50 years developing and manufacturing components for cooking appliances and the 20 years since we first designed an induction generator have combined to make us one of the leading independent manufacturers of induction generators in Europe.

Since then we have launched seven generations of products in the market, each more efficient and reliable than the last. We have developed new features with the end user's ease of use and safety in mind, also making improvements to appearance.

We have not only focused on product functionality, but also on cost and a more flexible and ecological design.

Thanks to this track record, we offer the market one of the most advanced and reliable induction products available that perfectly adapts to the needs and expectations of your clients.

Green induction

Ecook platform

The Ecook platform manages energy consumption within pre-set limits. Maximum energy consumption (2.8 kW, 3.5 kW and 6 kW).

The Ecook series only supplies the power that is strictly necessary at any given moment for efficient hob management.

Maximum temperature

Copreci built-in induction hobs have been standardised to work safely for 10 years at temperatures of up to 85ºC, making them the ideal solution for installation with conventional ovens. Fully compatible with free-standing cookers.

Less is more

Copreci induction generators require:

  • No assembly
  • No cables
  • No metal frame
  • No standardisation time
  • No internal investment


Copreci delivers its induction generators to clients ready to be installed in the end appliance, tested and guaranteed by our internal quality control processes. Therefore, our systems are fully approved and comply with EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) regulations so the client need not worry about certifying and standardising the product in complicated processes; Copreci does this for you, reducing the time-to-market.

Eco pack

We have developed an exclusive reusable packaging system that is 100% ecological and can be reused by our clients after assembling the final product. Made from high quality cardboard and applying the “honeycomb concept”, it is the definitive packaging that reaches our clients’ end client. This leads to savings on cost and improves logistical management.

Scalable and adaptable platform

The Ecook concept consists of a unique platform that is faster at adapting to changes, reduces the time-to-market and anticipates future regulatory requirements, certainly due to be introduced, in order to have a catalogue ready for when this takes place.

  • icono_eficiencia_optimizacion

    Efficiency and optimisation Satisfying the user's needs with a low cost solution.

  • icono_optimizacion_energia

    Energy optimisation Maximum energy consumption management: 7.2 Kw (6/3.5 /2.8/1.5)

  • icono_concepcion_modular

    Integrated conceptPlastic bottom included. Ready to use, just add the glass.

  • icono_certificada

    Certified, ready to be connected Copreci makes it easy for you.

  • icono_nuevas_interfaces

    New interfaces Mono-slider and multi-slider control.

  • icono_nuevas_medidas

    New widths

  • icono_multiples_combinaciones

    Multiple combinations 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 hobs.

  • icono_cumple_regulacion

    0.5 W stand-by regulation compliance.

  • icono_pause

    Pause function Allows you to stop cooking in case of a phone call, the door bell ringing or even for cleaning.

  • icono_programador

    Timer function

  • icono_plug_play

    Plug & Play The Ecook function establishes a maximum limit of 3600 W.

  • icono_embalajes-reutilizables

    New 100% reusable packaging The client can reuse the packaging as the end packaging after assembling the product.