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A billion reasons to trust Copreci

Today, Copreci is the largest gas component manufacturer in the world with over 1500 employees and production plants in seven countries.

At Copreci we have always been pioneers in the field of controlling and regulating appliances used in the home and in outdoor areas. We have sold more than 1 billion components around the world, demonstrating our experience and innovative strength. We are ready to continue leading for another 50 years at least.

Advanced production processes

We have the technical capacity to make our clients' expectations reality.

Greater capacity, greater productivity

We develop our own processes, applying “lean manufacturing” and eliminating unnecessary processes that do not provide added value.

To achieve this, we have tripled our capacity, simplifying projects and eliminating processes, waiting times, overproduction, inventories, and unnecessary transport that provides no added value. We use advanced processes and have industrialisation capacity.

A team of gas experts

At Copreci we have experts in gas technologies, so we can be aware of the day to day requirements of each client and offer them improvements and innovation customised to their actual needs.

Reliability: trustworthy products

  • icono_rigorous

    Rigorous internal approval process

  • icono_1st_quality

    Highest quality raw materials

  • icono_control_over

    Quality control of control systems

  • icono_continious

    Continuous improvement team

  • icono_trazabilidad

    Component traceability

  • icono_measurements

    Continuous measurement during the manufacture process

  • icono_control

    100% Control of Critical Safety Aspects -gas leaks

  • icono_statistical

    Statistical control

Capacity for innovation

Copreci manufactures a wide range of electronic systems for built-in gas hobs, free-standing cookers and ovens that provide greater safety, ease of use and efficiency.

  • images/gascooking/believe-innovation.jpg

  • We believe in innovation and aim for an intelligent way of cooking

    Over a decade ago, no one would have dreamed that built-in gas hobs would have intelligent safety systems with integrated reignition devices, that could even be programmed, and even less that they would be able to interact with other elements in the kitchen.

    Today, thanks to developments such as EGME, Su-K and T-key, architects and designers around the world can release all their creative potential by integrating gas hobs with the best performance and functionality in the market.

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Smart Cooking: Gas + Electronics

  • icono_instantaneidad

    The flame ignites almost instantly.

  • icono_seis_horas_bloqueo

    Six hour safety switch-off
    The system completely switches off after 6 hours without use.

  • icono_temporizador

    Timer function
    Specific cooking times can be set; once the time has elapsed the flame is extinguished and a sound indicates that the programme has been completed.

  • icono_seguridad_ninos

    Children's safety lock
    This function blocks the control panel to prevent accidents.

  • icono_indicadores_led

    LED indicators
    Provide continuous information about the status of the gas hob.

  • icono_ajuste_caudal

    Electronic flow adjustment
    Enables the user to accurately adjust the gas flow in the appliance and consequently have full control over the cooking process.

  • icono_reinicio_automatico

    Automatic self-ignition
    If the flame blows out for any reason, the system automatically reignites it.

  • icono_parada_emergencia

    Emergency stop
    In the event of an emergency, all of the burners can be switched off at the same time.

  • icono_simmering

    System that switches the flame on and off intermittently to cook at a low temperature, perfect for melting chocolate, for example.