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"The fireplace, the heart of the home itself"
Frank Lloyd Wright

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  • Two lines of activity in the area of home comfort

    1. Electronics
      New technology for communication between user/appliance.
    2. Electromagnetics
      Components for classic heaters: catalytic, infrared, blue flame, etc.

Innovation for the comfort of the end user

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    Remote control system for gas heaters consisting of a remote control that provides continuous two-way communication between the user and the heater. A remote control for comfort with “emotion”.

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    Flame control - Jingle flame
    The flame that dances to the beat of your music; compatible with any source: iPod, iPhone, MP3, TV or even a microphone (karaoke), etc. A new function that provides complete control and imitates a wood fire. Ideal for public spaces, hotels, restaurants, etc.

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    Dual system
    One system for both NG and LPG gases, without the need to have a different reference for each. Converting one gas to another is very straightforward with no need for Technical Support.

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    Copreci is one step ahead, searching for solutions that adapt to current and future regulations on energy efficiency, helping our clients to comply with new standards, consume less resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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    Total safety

    Reliable components that give the end user safety and peace of mind, developed under strict quality standards.

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