Components for washing machines, dishwashers and dryers

Copreci is right there inside, where it cannot be seen, ensuring that everything works in perfect harmony.



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Components at the heart of your household appliance

Our thorough knowledge of the washing process means we can offer a wide range of regulation and control systems, such as drain pumps and recirculation pumps, etc. for washing machines, dishwashers and electric dryers, and valves for gas dryers.

Components that are right at the core of the appliance, providing added value that goes straight to the heart of the user.

Copreci Joins European Project for Rare Earth Magnets Recyclability.
The Harmony Project, whose name stands for "Holistic Approach to enhance the Recyclability of rare-earth permanent Magnets Obtained from aNY waste stream," contributes to the EU Circular Economy Action Plan (2020).

Copreci & Harmony Project for Rare Earth Magnets

Reliability, trustworthy products

At Copreci we aim for the highest quality at every stage of the project. We use fully automated processes to offer components with outstanding performance and maximum reliability, manufacturing them in the most competitive way.

From the design and conception of a component to the selection of raw materials, production processes and distribution of the end product to our clients.

What makes us different

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    Workshops with clients
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    Collaboration with technological centres

  • Team Continuous improvement
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    Statistical control

  • Poka-Yoke system
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    Product traceability
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    Continuous measurement over the entire manufacture
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    Short-term reliability testing: simulation of 2 years of a pump's life
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    Control redundancy

  • Technology and innovation

    At Copreci we believe in innovation, developing components that provide the end appliance with greater ease of use, lower manufacturing costs and contribute to the rational use and consumption of resources.

    We stand out for our firm commitment to industrial property and are at the forefront of invention patent processing at Corporación Mondragon.

    Fast and flexible design, adapted to the needs of each end appliance.

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  • Energy efficiency

    Our components ensure water can be managed efficiently, reducing energy consumption by half in comparison to pumps that use asynchronous technology.

    We also use reusable packaging that is returned to our installations to be reused.

    To achieve this, we rely on highly specialised suppliers that are shared between our production plants around the world.

  • Noise reduction

    At Copreci we aim for a noiseless home where you can even hear the silence. To achieve this, we have developed technological components that contribute to this aim.

    This is why we are leaders in the use of BLDC technology, which allows us to achieve noise levels that are far below those obtained with synchronous motors.

  • Synchronous technology

    Traditional technology for pumping water in household appliances. A mono phasic motor working at constant speed, that includes a clutch in the impeller allowing to overcome the low starting torque.


    KEBS (20mm stack):
    the smallest pump, perfect for all drainage requirements, up to 1 m of pressure drop.

    Hydraulic power 1-3W

    EBS (25mm stack):
    common pump, suitable for all drainage requirements, up to 1 m of pressure drop.

    Hydraulic power 1-5W

    BEBS (40mm stack):
    pump suitable for more demanding uses where a 2 m pressure drop is required.

    Hydraulic power 2-8W

    Drain pumps + Recirculation pump


    Simple technology

    Clutch buitl into impeller

    Plug n’ Play (no electronic needed)

    Low Noise

  • BLDC-AC technology

    Electronically controlled three phase drain pump, making it work at different speed profiles, reduce noise level, deblocking function.. in order to optimize household appliance’s performance.


    Electric drain pump with a compact design and improved hydraulic performance. High starting torque.

    Hydraulic power 1-5W

    Recirculation pump (BG9):

    Hydraulic power 3-30W


    High starting torque (no clutch)

    Very low noise

    Optimized heat dissipation

    Different V/f power supplies

    Improved hydraulic performances

    Different operating points/torque/speed

    Deblocking sequences

    Compact Design

    Sensored application

    Intelligent behavior

    Low energy consumption

    Hydraulic power smart control

    Optional: heating elements