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Copreci CZ Copreci CZ achieves an European fund for employee training

Copreci´s production plant in the Czech Republic has obtained an endowment of a European Social Fund to implement a training plan among its workers. The project, to be completed in May 2015, is provided with CZK 2,117,909.43.

In the project, whose name is “CZ.1.04/1.1.02/94.00635/Support Area : 4.1.1 / Axis : 4.1 Adaptability”, will take part 28 workers and is funded by the FEE resources through the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development"(OPHRD) and the budget of the Czech Republic.The main objectives are:

  • Increase the effectiveness of business processes and increase the competitiveness of the company in key areas.
  • Promote knowledge and skills.
  • Improving communication between management and middle management.