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Weber presents its smart BBQ in collaboration with Copreci

Last week took place the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas, where Weber introduced its latest innovation: a smart BBQ that features an electronic ignition and gas control system developed by Copreci.

The Weber Connect Smart Grilling system allows the digital regulation of the flame through a simple cell phone or the BBQ display itself, opening a world of possibilities for the management of the grill, from the control of the temperature of the food in real time, sending notifications to the smartphone, access to recipes.....

At the heart of the BBQ Summit is the electronic system integrated in the gas valves, designed by Copreci to control the power of the flame, detect the presence of the flame on the burners and the infrared (IR) grill. Automatically, SmartControl technology resets the flame when necessary, ensuring a safe and continuous grilling experience.

This technology offers around 600 recipes, guided cooking programs, and automatic alerts and letting Smartphones notify when your food is ready. Thus, the BBQ Summit is designed to meet the highest culinary demands.