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A Korean delegation attends the Innovation Tour organized by Copreci and Eika in collaboration with Acede, the Basque Cluster of the Home Appliance Industry

A small tour led this group of Koreans, manufacturers of household appliances, to know closely the cooperatives that manufacture components for the gas and electric cookers, Copreci and Eika respectively.

The delegation also visited the facilities of Acede, where the latest innovations in the cooking world of these companies are presented, as well as Mondragón Corporation, Fagor Electrónica and Stirling Center, to conclude at the Basque Culinary Center.

The visit was also attended by representatives of the Basque Government who presented the promotional video of the SPRI "BIG Little Basque Country" BIGlittle Basque Country expresses the strength and energy of this country, with its vocation to face the most complex challenges. “BIG Little Basque Country”