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Copreci involved in the development of a low temperature cooking solution for CATA and EL CELLER DE CAN ROCA

Copreci has developed the heart of the electronic system of this induction hob with a temperature sensor and core temperature probe. This project opens a new range of solutions to cook with precise temperature, allowing to control cooking time and temperature. With low-temperature cooking you will prevent food from losing nutrients, ensuring that its nutritional values are better preserved.

The Rocook project has been developed by CATA appliances, the company Lékué and Alícia Foundation for the prestigious restaurant El Celler de Can Roca. For this they have had a multidisciplinary team in which have participated Copreci, Eika, Mondragon University and the Engineerings Zermik and Perspectiva. Thanks to a temperature sensor and a core temperature probe we get the optimal flavor and texture in each recipe. Rocook Induction allows you to cook with precise temperature control or by power setting (like a traditional induction cooker). Its light weight and small size allow it to be stored in any kitchen cupboard, and you can even transport it inside a travel case. It is very easy to use: all you have to do is programme the temperature you want to cook at and the cooking time.

How does it work?: see video

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