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Copreci brings together global experts in control and protective devices for gas and/or oil burners and appliances


Copreci organized with the support of Aenor, the Technical Committee ISO / TC 161 on control and protective devices for gas and/or oil burners and appliances, that was held throughout last week at the Torre Iberdrola - Bilbao.

This committee was created in 1974, with the scope of standardization in the field of control and protective devices for burners and appliances using gas and/or oil. This includes residential, commercial and industrial installations.

In this committee participate more tan 35 experts coming from 22 countries and there it´s discussed specific aspects of the business environment are as follows:

• Manufacturers of mechanical, electrical and electronic controls and the customers who use these controls to manufacture domestic and commercial gas and oil burning appliances and industrial burners.
• Parties involved
• Manufacturers of control and safety devices (Copreci participates in this group)
• Manufacturers of gas and oil burning appliances
• Manufacturers of gas and oil burners
• Gas and oil suppliers
• Test laboratories
• Certifiers.

Benefits of this committee:

• Since 2004, 10 Standards have been published.
• World-wide Standards provide commercial benefits to industry in the manufacture and approval of these controls.
• Confidence of appliance manufacturers, gas suppliers, and consumers with respect to the safety and control devices used in gas and oil burners and gas and oil burning appliances.

The aim of the ISO technical committees is to align the ISO work programm with expressed business environment needs and trends and to allow ISO/TCs to prioritize among different projects, to identify the benefits expected from the availability of International Standards, and to ensure adequate resources for projects throughout their development.