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Copreci CZ achieves a European fund “EDUCA” for its BLP3´s employee training


Copreci´s production plant in the Czech Republic has obtained an endowment of a European Social Fund to implement a training plan among its workers of its BLP3 drain pump unit. The project is provided with CZK 1.085.160,75CZK, the start date of the program is November 1, 2013 and it will end on November 30, 2014.

In the project, whose name is “CZ.1.04/1.1.04/B3.00102 /Support Area: 4.1.1 / Axis : 4.1 Adaptability”, will take part 43 workers and is funded by the FEE resources through the Operational Program "Human Resources Development"(OPHRD) and the budget of the Czech Republic.

The objective of this project is to increase the professional skills of the current and new workers and train them to work in the new BLP3, dedicated to innovative drain pumps for washing. This is a single line in the Czech Republic.