We have been supplying components for gas barbecues since 1963

Copreci, the leading company in the development and manufacture of components and solutions for barbecue manufacturers and for outdoor equipment, such as outdoor fireplaces, patio heaters, caravans, etc.

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Thermostats with and without safety

Termostatos con y sin seguridad

Copreci’s thermostats with and without thermoelectric safety device offer a wide range of possibilities and are capable of responding to the many requirements of gas application for outdoor living.

These are male cone thermostats, approved by the main institutes specialising in that area.

Ambient temperature: 150º C.

Maximum bulb temperature: 320º C.

Oven temperature adjustment field: Maximum: 300ºC. Minimum: that allowed by the burner.

Thermostatic adjustment type: modulating.

Maximum flow: Limited by the thermostat or oven injector.

Minimum flow: limited by thermostat bypass.

Bypass adjustable for each type of gas.

Flows between maximum and minimum: determined thermostatically.

Maximum gas pressure: 50 Mbar.


Gas grill, built in gas grills.