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CPMM 18700 series

This family of valves has been designed to meet the multiple requirements of the, OUTDOORS FIREPLACES, FIRE PITS, TANK TOP HEATERS and PATIO HEATERS... sectors.

They have tapered plugs, with thermoelectric interlocks, certified for the international market (CE, AGA, IGA, CGA, BRITISH STANDARD, etc.)

Turns: 0º-90º 90º / 0º-90º- 60º- 60º- 60º / 0º-70º- 90º- 50º.

Usage temperature: 0-80ºC

Flow: 450l/h air (p.p. 1mbar)

Max. pressure: 50 mbars.

Piezo-electric.: 2 sparks / Optional.


Patio heater, fire pits, outdoors fireplaces, tank top heaters.