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Synchronous technology & BLDC-AC technology

  • Synchronous technology

    Traditional technology for pumping water in household appliances. A mono phasic motor working at constant speed, that includes a clutch in the impeller allowing to overcome the low starting torque.


    KEBS (20mm stack):
    the smallest pump, perfect for all drainage requirements, up to 1 m of pressure drop.

    Hydraulic power 1-3W

    EBS (25mm stack):
    common pump, suitable for all drainage requirements, up to 1 m of pressure drop.

    Hydraulic power 1-5W

    BEBS (40mm stack):
    pump suitable for more demanding uses where a 2 m pressure drop is required.

    Hydraulic power 2-8W

    Drain pumps + Recirculation pump


    Simple technology

    Clutch buitl into impeller

    Plug n’ Play (no electronic needed)

    Low Noise

  • BLDC-AC technology

    Electronically controlled three phase drain pump, making it work at different speed profiles, reduce noise level, deblocking function.. in order to optimize household appliance’s performance.


    Electric drain pump with a compact design and improved hydraulic performance. High starting torque.

    Hydraulic power 1-5W

    Recirculation pump (BG9):

    Hydraulic power 3-30W


    High starting torque (no clutch)

    Very low noise

    Optimized heat dissipation

    Different V/f power supplies

    Improved hydraulic performances

    Different operating points/torque/speed

    Deblocking sequences

    Compact Design

    Sensored application

    Intelligent behavior

    Low energy consumption

    Hydraulic power smart control

    Optional: heating elements