1963’ten beri gazlı mangallar için musluk üretiyoruz

Copreci, aynı zamanda açık alan şömine, teras, balkon ısıtıcıları ve karavan üreticilerine komponent üretimi yapan ve çözümler üreten lider bir firmadır.

2014 Katalog indir

Ignition systems

Copreci, aware of the increasing importance of ignition systems in new designs, offers customers the biggest range of ignition accessories:

  • Switch harnesses with 2, 3, 4 or more switches.
  • Individual push and rotation switches.
  • Supports for 1, 2 and 3 switches for thermostats.
  • Fixing clips, etc.

Copreci offers different solutions for all of its components, as well as the experience of a team that has participated in the latest developments.


Gas grill, built in gas grill, patio heater, fire pits, outdoors fireplaces, tank top heaters.