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Scalable and adaptable platform

Scalable and adaptable platform

The Ecook concept consists of a unique platform that is faster at adapting to changes, reduces the time-to-market and anticipates future regulatory requirements, certainly due to be introduced, in order to have a catalogue ready for when this takes place.

  • icono_eficiencia_optimizacion

    Efficiency and optimisation Satisfying the user's needs with a low cost solution.

  • icono_optimizacion_energia

    Energy optimisation Maximum energy consumption management: 7.2 Kw (6/3.5 /2.8/1.5)

  • icono_concepcion_modular

    Integrated conceptPlastic bottom included. Ready to use, just add the glass.

  • icono_certificada

    Certified, ready to be connected Copreci makes it easy for you.

  • icono_nuevas_interfaces

    New interfaces Mono-slider and multi-slider control.

  • icono_nuevas_medidas

    New widths

  • icono_multiples_combinaciones

    Multiple combinations 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 hobs.

  • icono_cumple_regulacion

    0.5 W stand-by regulation compliance.

  • icono_pause

    Pause function Allows you to stop cooking in case of a phone call, the door bell ringing or even for cleaning.

  • icono_programador

    Timer function

  • icono_plug_play

    Plug & Play The Ecook function establishes a maximum limit of 3600 W.

  • icono_embalajes-reutilizables

    New 100% reusable packaging The client can reuse the packaging as the end packaging after assembling the product.