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ODS 21500 series

Serie ODS 21500

The ODS-21500 series analyzers offer a wide range of possibilities, capable of responding to the multiple requirements of the GAS WALL HEATER and GAS LOG sector. They have been designed to obtain shut-off values 18% O2 They are recognised on the international market (CSA).

The analyzer-spark plug and thermocouple units have been designed for direct application in the heater, thereby guaranteeing automatic ignition, the temperature on the thermocouple head and the correct functioning of the ODS pilot.

With this arrangement, a stable blue flame of the ideal size is obtained for all gases.

The use of precalibrated injectors (ruby) enables exact flow to be guaranteed with the right jet direction.

These pilots can be applied at heights above sea level of up to 2 000 metres.


Catalytic / Infrared / Blue flame heaters / Gas log / Patio heater.